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Market Trends and Scenarios

We are well aware that mothers nowadays are far more educated and exposed as compared to the older generations. When it comes to postnatal care, modern mothers are more careful and particular, and are keen on comprehensive confinement services.


One of the reasons why modern mothers are very particular in deciding confinement services is because majority of the confinement ladies in the market either are not certified, nor have they attended any postnatal care related proper trainings. Since many confinement ladies provide their services based on experiences, they master the traditional ways of taking care of mothers and babies. In a way, they may be lack of certain professional knowledge such as the way to increase breast milk supply through massage. This explains why most independent confinement ladies do not understand the needs of new mothers, which may lead to misunderstanding or miscommunication. Unfortunately, this may further lead to new mothers not having adequate postpartum rest during confinement period.


Some of the problems that new mothers may encounter are the lack of proper services by confinement ladies, worse still, the absence of independent confinement lady after delivery with reasons such as health issues, family issues etc. In such situations, new mothers have no channels to raise their concerns.  

Professional Postnatal Care Courses

Why Us 

  1. AfterBirthCare Academy a leading postnatal care education platform in Malaysia
  2. Provides professional postnatal care training and an international postnatal care certification.
  3. Hands-on practical and internship at Confinement Center to gain valuable work experience
  4. Postnatal caregiver job opportunities are provided
  5. Practical training and workshop conducted by experienced professionals
  6. Supported by an organisation with 36 years of training and consulting experience (The Quest Group)
  • Postnatal Care Services Job Opportunities
  • Postnatal Care Services Related Experience Sharing
  • Medical Experts

Professional Team

Jessica Chin

Hong Kong International Professional Postnatal Care Consultant

Crystal Chew

Hong Kong International Lactation Consultant

Alice Ong

Registered TCM Physician of Malaysian Chinese Medical Association

Pei Yeang

Registered TCM Physician of Malaysian Chinese Medical Association

Ai Wen

Registered TCM Physician of Malaysian Chinese Medical Association


Too Nyean

Registered TCM Physician of Malaysian Chinese Medical Association

Christina Wong Siu Yuk

President of the Hong Kong Postnatal Care Regime Professional Association

Catherine Chia

Multiple recipe writer and columnist



Xiao Xuan Wong

在一个偶然的机会,让我遇上AfterBirthCare Academy , 感谢AfterBirthCare Academy 让我受益不淺,这个课程让我更深入了解产后护理工作。。。。



Irene Leong

学了之后我回到Bintulu 马上准备了15道月子餐给准妈妈们品尝,大家都赞不绝口!

I strongly recommend Afterbirth Care Academy for a professional training in postpartum and i8 n learning experiences derived from “hands-on” (though using only a dummy baby) gave me an insight into how to use the proper ways to pick up and carry an infant, feeding, burping, bathing, changing of diapers and everything related to handling a baby. Teachers also gave us very clear explanation and understanding of postpartum related problems or distress during the mother’s confinement period. Understanding such related circumstances will help us to care more for the postnatal mother.

Judy Leong

Postpartum care course was very informative with conductive learning environment. Experiences transcultural care through international speaker. Strongly recommend

Jean Ting Yiing Yiing

Got my international professional postnatal care certificate course here. Very informative and professional lectural.

Dorothy Neoh Swee Leng

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