International Lactation Massage Certification Course

* A certificate will be issued upon completion of the course and passing the assessment *


Market Trends

Lactation market has a very attractive prospect as the industry is still at its infant stage of development and remains in short supply. Not only that the demand has greatly increased the income of new or experienced postnatal caregivers, but also at the same time solved the problems of postpartum problems such as no or low breast milk supply, breast engorgement, plugged / blocked duct, mastitis, flat or inverted nipples and so on. Hence, it is highly recognised in the market.


Learning Outcomes

Assist postpartum mothers to breastfeed correctly and effectively after delivery and solve breastfeeding problems through hands-on training and acupressure practices so as to improve students’ knowledge and techniques in breastfeeding, meridian massage and lactation to increase breast milk supply of postpartum mothers. The course aims to improve various common postpartum breast problems, which you will be able to master regardless of whether you are a professional or a new postnatal caregiver.

Course Outline (Theoretical & Practical

☆ Market overview of lactation consultants

☆ Basic occupational concept of lactation consultants

☆ Basic knowledge of the human breast, lactation function and composition of breast milk

☆ How to boost breast milk secretion

☆ Meridian route and function

☆ Benefits of lactation massage   

☆ Master the application of “inch” measurement to measure and locate acupoints on the body

☆ Common techniques of acupressure

☆ Understanding acupoints to help lactation

☆ 9 Case Studies and Treatments (Breast care, mastitis, overflow and leaking, low breast milk supply due to Qi deficiency and so on)


Cantonese & Mandarin


Total Learning Hours

32 hours (4 days, 10am – 6pm)


Date of Course

For inquiry on date of course, please feel free to contact us at 012-328 9349 or email us at 


Afterbirthcare Confinement Center 满悦产后护理之家 Scenic Charm Gardenia (SCMG), No 1, 2 & 3, Jalan Cinta Air, Country Heights, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.


Who Should Attend

Breastfeeding mothers, housewives, postnatal caregivers, nurses, people in the maternal and childcare industry and those who want to pursue a meaningful career

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Xiao Xuan Wong



I strongly recommend Afterbirth Care Academy for a professional training in postpartum and i8 n learning experiences derived from “hands-on” (though using only a dummy baby) gave me an insight into how to use the proper ways to pick up and carry an infant, feeding, burping, bathing, changing of diapers and everything related to handling a baby. Teachers also gave us very clear explanation and understanding of postpartum related problems or distress during the mother’s confinement period. Understanding such related circumstances will help us to care more for the postnatal mother.

Judy Leong

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Call or WhatsApp to + 6012-328 9349