International Professional Postnatal Care Certification Course

* A certificate will be issued upon completion of the course and passing the assessment *

Market Trends

Against the backdrop of today’s busy and hectic world, parents may not be available to care for their baby all the time. As such, postnatal caregiver is definitely a high-paying job that is current in short supply. As more and more expectant mothers have higher expectation in the quality of confinement food and baby care, they will start to look for professional postnatal services at the early stages of pregnancy. According to the market survey, 70% of pregnant ladies will get a postnatal caregiver to take care of them as well as newborns throughout their confinement period.


Learning Outcomes

After the course, you will acquire professional knowledge on postnatal physiology and pathology care for mothers and newborns, and also master postnatal care skills, including providing confinement meals combined with soups tailored to the mothers’ body constitutions to accelerate postpartum recovery. With this theoretical and practical workshop, you will also obtain breastfeeding knowledge and master breastfeeding skills, as well as acquire scientific baby care knowledge and master newborn care skills.

Course Outline (Theoretical & Practical

☆ Introduction of international postnatal caregiver (industry development, occupational concept, image and etiquette, duties and responsibilities) 

☆ Psychology care for postpartum mothers (Prenatal and postnatal counselling)

☆ Postnatal physiology and pathology care for postpartum mothers

☆ Master postnatal care skills (physical changes during the confinement period, common postpartum problems and how to deal with them)

☆ Confinement etiquettes, manners and customs (traditional etiquettes and taboos)

☆ How to identify body constitutions of postpartum mothers

☆ Postpartum diet (understand Chinese herbs for confinement, confinement meals, postpartum diet and nutrition)

☆ Postpartum meal plan, including stews, soups, drinks, basic knowledge on postpartum meals

☆ Physiology and pathology care for newborns

☆ Master newborn care skills (bathing and cleaning, changing diapers, dressing tips etc)

☆ Master the techniques of feeding a newborn (bottle feeding, burping techniques)

☆ Master the techniques of Chinese baby tuina massage (basic understanding of acupoints and meridian massage techniques)

☆ Master breastfeeding knowledge and techniques

☆ Basic lactation theory and meridian massage in increasing breast milk supply (basic understanding of acupoints and meridian massage techniques)


Cantonese & Mandarin


Total Learning Hours

32 hours (4 days, 10am – 6pm)


Date of Course

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Postpartum care course was very informative with conductive learning environment. Experiences transcultural care through international speaker. Strongly recommend

Jean Ting Yiing

Got my international professional postnatal care certificate course here. Very informative and professional lectural. 👍🏻

Dorothy Neoh Swee Leng

I strongly recommend Afterbirth Care Academy for a professional training in postpartum and i8 n learning experiences derived from “hands-on” (though using only a dummy baby) gave me an insight into how to use the proper ways to pick up and carry an infant, feeding, burping, bathing, changing of diapers and everything related to handling a baby. Teachers also gave us very clear explanation and understanding of postpartum related problems or distress during the mother’s confinement period. Understanding such related circumstances will help us to care more for the postnatal mother.

Judy Leong

For more info/to register

Call or WhatsApp to +012-328 9349