Postnatal Cookery Certification Course

* A certificate will be issued upon completion of the course and passing the assessment *

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Postpartum mothers are said to be at their weakest and most vulnerable after delivery. Confinement period is the best time to recuperate body and restore physique. Improper confinement diet or lack of proper confinement care will not only be unable to recuperate and restore the body, but also result in various consequences on health. Hence, postnatal caregiver must have the exceptional skills in preparing soup and nutrition food. Body can be recuperated and restored to the best effect by increasing cooking knowledge in matching the right diet for postpartum mothers’ individual body constitutions.

Learning Outcomes


This course consists of modern & scientific-based nutritional postpartum recipes and also traditional Chinese medicine knowledge. The course is designed and taught based on the “4-stages of confinement diet therapy”, which is mainly theories and practices, and cooking and demonstration of 15 recipes (including main courses, snacks, soups and desserts), so that you can master the principles and practices of a comprehensive nutritional and balanced confinement menu easily.

Course Outline (Theoretical & Practical

☆ Clarification on the traditional and modern concept

☆ Understanding of postpartum mothers’ body constitutions to match the right confinement diet

☆ Postpartum Qi deficiency herbs              

☆ The correct way of preparing and serving confinement meals

☆ Methods of preparing drinks, meals, soups and stews

☆ How to turn a single ingredient to multiple dishes

☆ Confinement meal recipes  

☆ Fruits and vegetables suitable for confinement

This course is taught by professionals through a step-by-step method. The confinement diet is reviewed by experienced TCM practitioners and demonstrated by experienced postnatal caregivers!


Cantonese & Mandarin


Total Learning Hours

16 hours (2 days, 10am – 6pm)


Date of Course

For inquiry on date of course, please feel free to contact us at 012-328 9349 or email us at 


Who Should Attend

Postnatal caregivers, confinement center operators and chefs, postnatal food service providers and those who want to learn about postnatal cookery


恬园厨艺学院 T-Garden Cooking School 9,

Jalan 14/105, Taman Midah,

56000 Kuala Lumpur.

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very informative class with certificates!

Angie Ang

导师教的食谱都很实用 学了之后我回到Bintulu 马上准备了15道月子餐给准妈妈们品尝,大家都赞不绝口!


For more info/to register

Call or WhatsApp to +012-328 9349